Monday, February 25

Prattville Reflections

We wrapped up things with the On Mission Celebration in Prattville, AL last night... I made alot of new friends (imagine that), and finished my "rookie" OMC intact. ;-)

Yesterday morning at Cornerstone Baptist Church went really well... I preached from here, and was received awesomely. Cornerstone is a small, storefront church... and they were so attentive, they treated me like I was an expert on Church Planting (which is really, really funny). The pastor, Dr. Ray Robinson, has planted two churches, but he's still such a learner... it was a tremendous experience for me!

In the evening, I preached at Glynwood Baptist Church, one of the Autuaga Baptist Association's larger churches... again, great time, and they received me really well. I preached from here, on the subject "Following Jesus." It wasn't so much a "Call to Missions" message, but I feel like preachers can stand up and shout the rallying cry for everyone to get involved in missions... and still see minimal results! I think it's much more effective to encourage people to passionate and persistently pursue Jesus... because if we're intentional and serious about following Him, then wherever He goes, we'll go... wherever He leads , we'll follow... and that includes missions/church planting.

Overall... a great weekend! Here's a shout out to some of my new Prattville friends:

- Dr. & Mrs. Robinson... thanks for being such wonderful hosts! I'll be listening out for a return invite! ;-)
- Rev. & Mrs. Chappell... great meeting you guys! Keep pressing on with Doc Robinson!
- EDGAR!!! YOU ARE DA MAN!!! Glad we've connected... let's stay in touch! ;-)
- Sarah, Phil, Max, Kelli... keep walking with Jesus!
- Chloe, Macy, and friends... you guys rock! :-) Thanks for "adopting" me as your missionary!


Anonymous said...

Darren, I ain't the man my friend... but I do get the joy of working for Him. By the way you used two of my favorite words ever in that blog, intentional and passionate. If you could of snuck the word opportunity in there I might have thought you were me.

Have a great one man. I'll be praying for you down here in "the beautiful" that is Alabama. And we better keep in touch. I need a place to stay when i come up and go sight seeing.



Edgar from "the beautiful" that is Alabama :-), thanks for the comment... we'll definitely stay in touch. We still have quite a bit to dialogue about (future). ;-)