Saturday, February 23

Prattville, AL - Day One

10:53 - I'm here in Prattville at an On Mission Celebration, representing the North American Mission Board as a Missionary Church Planter... headed to lunch now at Camellia Baptist Church. Hungry... :-)

1:00 - Just got back to the hotel room from lunch, where I ate a grilled cheese sandwich w/vegetable soup... reminded me of summer camp when I was a kid. :-) Found out our schedule for the weekend: at 4pm today, the Missionary Fair will begin, in the fellowship hall at Camellia. Of course, this is my first OMC., so I didn't know what to expect and wasn't given much instruction... everybody's got their display tables all jazzed up... man! But I brought some pictures with me and picked up a display board from Target this morning... so, I'll have to work with that. Tonight at 6:30 is the actual celebration... Then, tomorrow morning, I'll be preaching at Cornerstone Baptist Church, a small African-American church (wonder why they picked me for that... haha!), and at 6pm tomorrow, I'll be preaching at Glynwood Baptist Church, to a larger mainly-white congregation.

I might try get my "hoop" on tomorrow morning... haha! And I'm sure Keda is crackin' up at even the thought of that! :-)

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