Sunday, January 6

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Awesome service tonight... FIRST BAPTISM!!! Great stuff... it was an incredible environment, very celebrative... and very encouraging for the 2 people who were baptized! Mosaic College Park rocks... I'm honored beyond words to pastor this community!

* The 2 wonderful people who got "dunked" tonight were Amelia and Chris: Amelia showed up one day last summer, after having received one of our impact cards at the metro station. She had come to know Christ not too long before she found out about Mosaic, and was looking for a "good church"... well, she found one... and the rest is history! :-) Her boyfriend, Chris, flew in from Nebraska just so he could celebrate with her... but over the last couple of weeks, they've been talking about baptism and its importance. And since Chris had gotten baptized when he was young - without really being committed to Christ - he felt the Lord calling him to be re-baptized, along with his girlfriend... sweet! Chris is a great guy, who I've had the privilege of getting to know over this last week... and the decision he made definitely echoes his passionate desire to walk with Christ!

* The message tonight was What's the BIG DEAL about Baptism? REAL COOL... we're creating an environment where baptism is of great importance. It's not just some "tack-on" to our faith after we come to Christ... it's a mark of a life committed to Gog! And I think the folk at Mosaic are getting it. ;-)

* Brian, you guys did awesome again! Great flow... transitions were pretty seamless... and I'm glad you pulled out "Honestly"! :-) Malcolm, thanks for your seemingly untiring commitment to giving us the best sound possible! Lucy, you've been running media only a little while... and your passion really shines through... keep it up! Linda and Keda... thanks SO MUCH for handling our guests week in, week out! I really think you two are a big part of the reason guests return! :-) Bernard, thanks for getting in the water with me... and for taking the lead in getting everything set up... you're a workhouse and I'm glad to have you by my side! Jeremiah, thanks for holding up the baptismal trap door... haha! No, really! That thing is heavy, and would've banged my head! You know, the "little" things sometime go unnoticed! ;-)

* We need to get a hand-held, BATTERY-OPERATED mic! I was TOO nervous about having any mics even NEAR the baptismal, after this incident a couple of years ago! So, we had no amplification during the baptism... but that was okay, since - because of the way the pool is situated - we had people crowd the stage. Worked well, and had a real, intimate feel!

* We had a guest tonight who heard about the church through receiving a breakfast bar last month... YAY, GOD!!!!

* The Skins put up a little fight yesterday... but it wasn't good enough! SO glad I won't be hearing their fans all week... sheesh! :p

* The Steelers... well, I won't even go there...

* My COWBOYS will be ready for the Giants next week! I'm pretty pissed that I'll miss that game, since our worship gathering is at 5:30! I won't even be able to catch the end, since I have to leave church early to catch a flight to Cali... augh!

* We start a new series next week called CONNECTIONS... REALLY looking forward to that! I'm amped about people learning how to live out the mission of "connecting people to God and to one another!" Don't miss this series! It will also be a great "lead-in" for when we start our Connection Groups next month!!


scott hodge said...

This is awesome Darren! I celebrate with you guys!

Larry Brey said...

Great stuff man, keep it coming!!!

Rindy said...

Excellent!!! Awesome!! I am excited for ya!

bignose said...

DPum...The LORD will glorify Himself through your ministry in College Park--Karen and I will see you soon--I didn't know that We are Cowboy fans!!!