Monday, January 7

Got "Snucked!"

A buddy of mine emailed me this morning, and asked me a MAJOR question:

"How are your wife and kids doing? Are you balancing your time, leaning more towards them? The Lord laid it on my heart to ask... just checking!"

Ouch. He really "snuck" one in on me! Unfortunately, sometimes, that's a question that pastors/leaders don't want to hear (much less answer)... because we're often so driven that the things (rather, people) we should prioritize get neglected. Not usually on purpose... but the effect is still the same.

I'm being transparent here... but this is definitely an area I struggle with... and could use your prayers. I often say I'm going to do better... but I end up doing the same ol' things. My sons are growing up fast... I don't want these years to go by and I miss out on them. These are prime years for Keda and I... I want us to be able to enjoy them in their fullness.

I know... I'm probably by myself on this, right? :-) Well then, some of you guys who have it all together can maybe share some of your wisdom with those of us who seem to keep bumbling along on this! What have you learned over the years? If you are doing it right now, what changed?

Inquiring minds... DESPERATE MINDS wanna know! ;-)

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