Sunday, December 16

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Good service tonight! A few technical glitches, but we had some new personnel... additions to equipment... and other things. All in all, the team did a good job... definitely some areas we can improve on, but nothing to get too excited about... for now. :-)

* Brian... you and Brandon did a good job... really! ;-)

* Media team... we'll get those bugs worked out... thanks for your hard work!

* Brandon... keep bringing out the students, baby! Awesome!!

* We finished the third message in our Open Before Christmas series, with The Gift of Mission... a rather challenging message - we always have to remember that God calls every Christ-follower to be "on mission" for Jesus... it's not optional, it's not for "special ops" believers... it's for ALL of us. We can all pray, we can all give, and we can all go... even if it's across the street... to spread the Good News of Jesus!

* Next week's message is God's Gift to You... and we'll be giving a VERY CLEAR PRESENTATION OF THE GOSPEL... so pray that God will tug on hearts to make their way out! I know there will be people away because of travel, but I'm praying that God sill packs the house!

* Leading is hard, man... very hard. But I'm grateful God has called me... I love what I'm doing!

* I have to get more rest this week... gotta bounce a few things around on the schedule, and be intentional with having a definite completion point for my days... that is very hard for me, as I'm always thinking about ministry, people, and strategy!

* I got on the keys tonight and sung "WORD OF GOD SPEAK" right before the message... man, that felt good! :-) It was the first time I've done that at Mosaic, but just felt the Lord was leading me to minister in that way. Didn't sound nearly as rusty as I thought I would, either! :p
* Had a handful of 1st-time guests from last week show back up tonight... sweet!

* Wow... the Redskins are simply rammin' the ball down the Giants' throats! With the Cowboys losing today, Monday is shaping up to be a potentially long day...

* Perry Noble has a killer post on obedience... check it out HERE.

* I absolutely love the crowds in the malls at Christmas! Can't wait to head up there tomorrow... and I SHOULD get most of my shopping done!

* I wasn't gonna blog on this... and I started to tell the story tonight, and then backed off... but I think it's great, so here goes: I don't know how you grew up and what kind of jokes you told... but some of my favorites were the "There was a White man, a Chinese man, and a Black man..." jokes! Now, they weren't at all (at least, the ones I knew) racially demeaning, but they were funny (for me as a kid). But here's the thing... I was thinking about that on Friday while at the metro station... I was there with a white guy, and a Chinese guy! Look at how Jesus redeemed that thing! Now, for His glory, we can say: "There was a white guy, a Chinese guy, and a black guy... handing out breakfast bars at the metro station...!"

Only at Mosaic. :-)

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Rindy said...

I just love your energy in your posts--makes me want to jump up and get movin'!!! ;)