Monday, December 10

Great Quote!

In preparing for my message on compassion last night, I came across a quote from a book I've had on my book shelf since my early days of walking with Christ. It was from Bill Hybel's and Mark Mittelberg's book, Becoming a Contagious Christian, and it really connected with me, and reminded me of why it is so important for Christ-followers to be people who show compassion. Here you go!

"One of the primary reasons God calls his followers to be extraordinarily caring people is because acts of mercy open up people's hearts like nothing else can. Put another way, there's tremendous pulling power in the expression of even a single act of kindness. And God wants that power to draw people to the reality of His Son... As we express compassion to each other, people will recognize it as an earmark of authentic Christianity. It helps them better understand what God is like, who His children are, and why they should personally trust Him too."

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Rindy said...

Excellent! Great thoughts to start my morning! thanks for this one!