Monday, November 19

Reflections From Sunday...

* Had a great worship service last night... didn't preach, as I'm still recovering from pneumonia and don't have all my voice/strength back yet. So, we went with a Praise & Prayer service, led by Brian (worship arts director), and he did a fantastic job!

* It felt "mildly strange" to not take part in most of the service yesterday... but it's great to know that things don't fall apart just b/c I've fallen apart! ;-

* It was good to hear the testimonies last night of how God is blessing people through Mosaic!

* We used 2 guitarists and electric drums for our worship set... definitely worked! The balance was off the chain... Jonathan and Bernard, you guys blended so well it made me not miss having a keyboardist!! :-) Tony, thanks for helping out with the drums, man... always reminds me of old times whenever you're in the house!

* Since I didn't preach last night, next week will cap off our VERTICAL message series with "When God is Silent..." What do we do when it seems like the bottom has fallen out of our lives and God is nowhere to be found... I'm praying, but where's God? What's taking Him so long??? That's what we'll be talking about this Sunday evening!

* My 'Boys almost blew it yesterday! What a game, though... those 'Skins definitely came ready to play. Not our best-looking game (although T.O. was incredible), but a win's a win! 9-1 and still going strong!

* Poor Ravens... that's all I can say about that.

* My friend, Shawn, ordered me some extra-hot hot wings on yesterday... he said it would "kick" the rest of this pneumonia right out of me... I think he was right!! Feeling the best I've felt in about a week! NEED MORE WINGS!!!!!!

* Reading through this book, too... really challenging!

* I really appreciate this guy... I really think some bloggers/church planters have started to believe their own press, and you try to make a connection with them but they're too standoffish (not quite sure that's even a word)... but not him. We met in April... and anytime since then if I ever needed anything, I'll I've had to do was call him or email him. He's never made me feel like he's too important or too busy. In fact, he often will check in with me to see how things are going at Mosaic... or he'll email and let me know about where to get something at a really good deal... or just to get on me and ask, "DUDE, WHEN ARE YOU GONNA START PODCASTING?!" :-) In short, he's become a friend... and I appreciate it.


dave said...

Thanks D. Its nice to have a friend

Jim Henry said...

Not sure what the Redskins did to keep things close, but I'll bet every team left on the Cowboys schedule will be disecting the film non-stop...Can't argue that Dallas is the best in the NFC, but Romo will screw it up comes playoff time :) (okay...probably not, but a guy can hope...)