Wednesday, November 28

More Promo Cards!

Passed out about 270 breakfast bars and promo (impact) cards this morning at the College Park metro station! Pray for much fruit there!! It was SOOOO COLD, tho! My nose kept running... I felt like... well, remember that kid in your kindergarten class with the perpetually runny nose... well, today, that kid was me... I was SnotBoy!!! Maybe a tad bit more handsome - but just as runny! :-)

I was out there a little longer today... close to 2 hours... but it was a good time. Funny... you could almost spot beforehand who would take the breakfast bar! There was a guy there passing out free newspapers (The Express)... and I noticed that, if they took a paper, they'd also take a BB/card... not sure why, but that was noticeable. If they didn't take a paper, they wouldn't even look at me! Here's something else I noticed:

* One gender is more apt to take "the handout" than the other
* Certain races are more apt to take them than others

Seems strange... but it's true. Overall, though, it was a good morning! The very first lady I met took a BB and a card, and - after she looked at it - asked where we were... and said, "You should see me on Sunday!"

Cool beans. :-)

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