Thursday, November 29

Lessons Learned

I had a majorly huge meeting today... of which I was really nervous. It was an "informational" meeting of sorts... where I needed to get a person's perspective on a situation involving them. I had heard the other side, and had begun to pass judgment... and the Lord showed me that I needed to sit down and have a face-to-face talk with this person.

Fortunately, the meeting went really well... and I learned some valuable lessons when dealing with a meeting that stems from a tense situation:

* ALWAYS get both sides before passing judgment. Always.

* Motives are of the utmost importance. Check yours before the meeting.

* Reconciliation and honoring Christ are always to be the goal... even if the subject matter is tricky.

* Head into the meeting with the intention of LISTENING and establishing unity... not just having your point heard.

* SO IMPORTANT to be prayed up and have your heart right.

*Don't go into the meeting "already knowing" the outcome. Give the Holy Spirit room to work.

* The person needs to know AND HEAR that you have their best interest at heart... even if what you have to say is hard to hear.

I left the meeting really glad that I had obeyed God in setting up this meeting. His presence during it was unmistakable... His promise is true that He'll never leave us nor forsake us!

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Jim Henry said...

Powerful and so very true...thanks my friend!