Wednesday, November 21

Do You Wanna Be Healed??

I went to the metro station this morning, and passed out over 100 Mosaic promo cards and breakfast bars... after 40 minutes, the bars were all gone! At first, I was asking if people wanted the breakfast bars... I'd say, "Breakfast bar?" and hold out the bar with a promo card... some took them; alot didn't. So, I decided to change my strategy... instead of asking them if they wanted a breakfast bar, I just started saying, "Happy Thanksgiving!" and hold out the goods... now, most took them! So, I'll be back at the station next week, but from now on with no fewer than 200 bars!

A couple of hours later, I got a call from a man with a high voice and an accent... asking about our worship gatherings. This is how the conversation went:

Caller: "What time are your services?"

(Let me pause here and say that I was VERY EXCITED, because I'm figuring that this caller had received a promo card just a couple hours earlier!)

Me: "Our services are on Sundays, in the evenings, at 5:30."

Caller: "Do you have healing and the impartation of the Holy Ghost?"

Me: (WHAT?!?!) "Umm... can you repeat that?"

Caller: "Do you have healing services and miracles and the impartation of the Holy Ghost? I'm very sick and my doctor told me to go to church and get healing, and the sickness would be gone!"

Me: "Well, sir, we believe that the Holy Spirit is given at the time of salvation to those who put their faith in Christ... and we believe that God does heal and perform miracles. However, He does so as He pleases. And if you were to come to Mosaic this Sunday and ask for healing, I would most definitely lay hands on you and ask God to heal your body! But I can't promise anything... when God heals is up to Him. But we'll definitely believe Him together for your healing."

Caller: (voice lowers) "Hey, D... what's up, man!!"

Me: "Wha---??"

Man, it was THIS DUDE, playing a joke! Some people are just wrong... :-)


Jim Henry said...

Hey Darren...

Just wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving...GO COWBOYS! (at least for this week)

Ben said...

ooohhhhh hilarious! Jumaine is a skunk!! =) Ha! Love it.