Friday, November 9

Dads 'n Donuts

Had a chance to chill with my two older sons, Darren and Shawn, at their school today... for Dads 'n Donuts Day! I love seeing their proud, smiling faces whenever I walk into their classrooms. They just beam, as if to say, "Hey, everybody... look - it's my Dad! And he is the best dad in the whole world!"

Well, that IS true, you know. ;-)

I love it, because I didn't grow up with a Dad who took time out to come to my school... or ball games... or band concerts, piano recitals, drum corp parades... even high school graduation. I vowed that my relationship with my sons would be different.

I don't get it right all the time... but those little smiling faces let me know that I'm doing okay. :-)

2 comments: said...

That's awesome, Darren! I commend you for turning it around and doing things differently with your kids. That's where it's at!

Have you been following in Mark Batterson's blog about the discipleship he's been doing with his oldest son? Good stuff.

Jim Henry said...

There's no greater investment to be made as a Father. I had the same upbringing as you did and its that memory that drives me to do better for my little ones. Thanks for sharing such a great moment!