Sunday, October 21

Why Did I Get Married?!

Okay... the funny thing is that when some of you saw this post title, you were like, "Uh-oh... trouble on the D-Plum homefront. Must've had a crazy anniversary!!"

But au contraire! Quite the contrary! (not sure if my French is up-to-par) Keda and I had a great weekend, which started on Friday evening with DINNER AND A MOVIE!! What movie, you say?


That's the name of the movie! It's a TYLER PERRY movie, with an all African-American cast... and even if you're not African-American, go see it... DON'T SHY AWAY FROM IT!! It's very insightful... and I hear a whole lot of you church planters talking/asking questions about how you can reach the black community... well, here's a 2-hour dose of "Love... African-American Style"! ;-) Doesn't give you insight into every aspect of African-American life, but you do get a glimpse of what we're like when friends get together.

Okay... it's HOLLYWOOD, don't forget that. AND it portrays the secular mindset. Don't walk away thinking, "Do all black guys act like that? Do all black women act like that?" Of course we don't. Yet, it's true, most African-Americans can identify with this movie to some extent.

All in all, I LOVED THE MOVIE!! Tyler Perry does a great job with the script... I love his emphasis on relationships, forgiveness and reconciliation... definitely a must-see.

And I look forward to getting some comments from my blog friends out there! ;-)

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