Monday, October 22

Monday Ramblings

* Had an awesome time away this weekend with my bride... we need to get away more often! 12 years... can't even put into words the significance of that. A few years ago, we weren't even sure we'd see YEAR TEN, but God is gracious... and powerful. I'll share that story in it's own post at a later time! ;-)

* It is a TREMENDOUS BLESSING to be able to go away (in a new church plant, at that) and know that things will be taken care of on Sunday. We don't have any preachers in-house other than myself, so we have to bring in guests whenever I need to be away (which is not often at all)... but, other than that, my "peeps" at Mosaic had everything under control! I heard that PASTOR JU did a tremendous job... but I didn't expect anything less!! He's a great speaker, and an even greater friend!

* I had my first MASSAGE this weekend... WOW! Keda is currently making reservations for me to partake of that awesome experience again next month! Can't wait!

* I think I have one of the most talented and gifted worship leaders around town! Stay tuned... because he'll be the highlight of one of D-PLUM'S posts later this week!

* John Maxwell says that leadership is "influence... nothing more, nothing less." That's pretty simplistic... but it's true. And when I hear the folks at Mosaic speaking the vision... having caught it, buying into it, getting excited about it and passing that onto others... I don't take lightly that the vision was simply a spark that God placed in my heart, and through obedience is fanning into a flame that is touching the lives of many! It's both awesome and awe-inspiring... and I love it.

* The multicultural mix at Mosaic still wows me! We're small... but what a seed to experience growth from!! A friend of mine, who pastors a large, multicultural church, once told me, "If your core is homogenous... that's how you'll grow. But if you start off visibly multicultural... keep doing what you're doing, and that's how you'll grow!" Well, we love what God is doing at Mosaic College Park... and He's growing us... I love it!!!

* The Cowboys fended off the Vikings yesterday, 24-14... but I'm SO GLAD we have a bye week this coming Sunday! Definitely some things to tune up...

* THE SOX ARE HEADED BACK TO THE WORLD SERIES... YAY, GOD!!! ;-) Seriously... somehow, I knew when we were down 3-1 headed into Game 5... but going back to Boston... that we'd pull it out, and we did!! Hopefully, we can sweep the Rockies like we did the Cards in 2004... that would be sweet!!

* Looking forward to hooking up with some of my church planting buddies this coming Thursday: Daniel Floyd, Dave and Aaron Proffitt, Paul Chipman, Jumaine Jones, Ben Arment, Tally Wilgis... to name a few. We have our Church Planters' Network meeting every 4th Thursday, so this is our week to get together. More than anything, I like hearing the guys' stories of what God is doing in their ministries... it's definitely worth the 2 1/2 - 3 hour drive!

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Shep said...

Man, the Cowboys won, but didn't look good doing it...they need the bye week very badly this week, cuz we come back with a bunch of divisional games after that...

Also, my boys are coming up to College Park this weekend to play Maryland...I hope your Terps are nice to my Tigers...