Sunday, October 28

Sunday Nite Speak!

* GREAT SERVICE TONIGHT!! Band cranked as always... :-) Our message format was a little different tonight... I interviewed THIS GUY, who is headed to Germany as a missionary next year. He was my boss, a few years ago, when I worked part-time at a local Christian bookstore... and we've become good friends since over the last couple of years. It was great... the Mosaic crowd got to see what God is calling Mike to do overseas, and see that essentially it is the same as what He calls US to do here!

* My good friend ROB was in the house tonight... he'd been in Portland for the last couple of years, hanging out with an ACTS 29 church out there... now, he's back in the area, ready again to get busy for Jesus. Good seeing you tonight, friend! ;-)

* I preached this morning at THIS CHURCH, whose interim pastor is my good friend (and former Bible College professor) Steve Layne. More importantly than all that, he's a COWBOYS' FAN! ;-) Steve had an opportunity to go up north to do some salmon fishing, and asked me to stand in his stead... glad I went, because we had a great time! He might not get his job back now... haha! Just kidding... for those who don't know him, he's ONE OF THE BEST BIBLE TEACHERS AROUND... I was honored to stand for him!

* RED SOX NATION, baby! 2nd World Series title in 4 years... both by sweeps!! They should be great for awhile to come!


* Starting a 3-week series on prayer this coming Sunday... VERTICAL: Connecting with God... can't wait! My prayer life sucks sometimes, so I needed this study! BRING ALONG SOMEONE WITH YOU TO OUR GATHERING... and expect to be both challenged and changed!!


J.W. said...

Hold on was cool at first. You know, I got you in my reader and everything; like what you're doing in College park with the multi-cultural thing...BUT you just messed it up for went and talked about my skins. WHY?!? You couldn't just let that one slide by. We were playing probably the best team in the NFL, but you know...we got killed but did you have to go and rub it in...

Darren Plummer: said...

Haha... sorry J.W., but Skins fans thought OUR losing to the best team in the NFL was hilarious... I was just returning the favor. ;-) But it's all good... right now, doesn't look like anyone can handle those boys.

Thanks for commenting, my friend!

brother4Him said...

Sunday Night was Awsome.

You all made me feel at home there. Its not the case at other church that new people get a welcome like that. Great Job to Mosaic partners.

Darren I see why you always say I LOVE THAT PLACE.

I do to. See you all Sunday!!!!

Your brother in Christ,

Darren Plummer: said...


It was great seeing you, buddy... looking forward to seeing you "and the gang" this coming Sunday! Thanks for praying for us, and for all your encouragement!


Kevin said...

HOLD UP! How can you live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and be a Cowboys fan and a Redsox fan. Do you fly one flag on one side of the car and the other on the opposite side? Are you a Lakers fan too?!? Say it ain't so Darren! Say it ain't so!!!

Darren Plummer: said...

I'm afraid so, my friend... that's all I know! ;-)