Sunday, October 7

Sunday Nite Speak!!

* Great service tonight! Should have some pics to post soon..

* Awesome worship set tonight, Brian... you guys are killing it!! Thanks for helping to give us a great worship experience!!

* The message, "My Entourage", seemed to resonate with quite a few people. I think we ALL can stand to have more ELEVATORS in our lives... there are enough negative people around, we need people in our corners who will LIFT US UP and help us fulfill God's purpose for our lives!

* We used a cafe table and chair for the first time tonight, instead of a pulpit... everybody liked the new look!

* I'm now doing a Pastor's Pick every month... where I recommend a book to the congregation. This month's pick: The Divine Mentor by Wayne Cordeiro... a must-read for YOU, TOO! ;-)

* Can't believe the Packers have allowed the Bears to get back in tonight's game... BEARS UP, 27-20!!

* The brother in the Wendy's commercial with the stuck-out red ponytails looks TOTALLY JACKED UP!!

* Can't wait for my bride and I to go away and celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks... should be SWEET! ;-)

* I love my church, man... love the people, love the vibe... it is ALL GOOD!


John said...

Wayne Cordeiro is a great writer - and excellent speaker too.

I managed to catch him a few times when visiting family in Hawaii at his wonderful New Hope Christian Fellowship on Oahu...great memories.



Jim Henry said...

Hey Darren!

You're one of those "elevators" my friend! Glad to hear God is moving at Mosaic and congrats on 12 years w/ Mrs.D-Plum!!!

Darren Plummer: said...

Yup... heard him at the '06 Willow Leadership Summit... he's become one of my favorite speakers! ;-)