Monday, October 8

Just Some Thoughts...

* Tired today, from a KILLER WEEKEND... but rejoicing that God is faithful!

* I must say... I REALLY LOVE MY CHURCH!! I know I'm supposed to say that... but I think I'd be at Mosaic Community even if I weren't the pastor! The vibe... the cultural blend... the music... all great stuff! Plus, the pastor's wife is pretty hot... ;-)

* It's HOT outside today!! It is 5:50pm and STILL 90 degrees... good gracious modacious!

* I just love THIS PASSAGE!! VERY inspiring... a "man's" passage, indeed! ;-) David had some ELEVATORS in his life!!!

* Would YOU have tried this?!

* This was a good post on communication!

* Can't wait to see MY BOYS play tonight!! Can somebody say... 5-0???


dave said...

They (cowboys) pulled that out of their butts! I have 2 of their players on my fantasy team. They tanked and hosed me up. Grrrr!!!!

Darren Plummer: said...

A win's a win, baby! I'll even take it out of the ol' BUTTO!!!!!!!! :-)