Wednesday, October 24

Out of the Loop

* I'll be "out of the office" all day tomorrow... in Richmond for our state convention's Statewide Church Planters' Network. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the guys that I haven't seen since August.

* The Red Sox are STRAIGHT BLASTING the Rockies! It's 13-1, and just in the bottom of the 6th inning! Great stuff!!

* I'm reading the book unChristian... a really enlightening read about how young adults outside the church view Christians (and the Church). Too "technical" for me to highlight for my Pastor's Pick for November (got another one for that), but definitely a must read for any ministry leader... or, for that matter, ANYBODY who has a heart to reach outsiders!

* Getting sick and tired of hearing about CONTROLLING, MANIPULATIVE, INTEGRITY-LACKING PASTORS WHO HURT THEIR SHEEP!!! There is NO EXCUSE for it... YOU WILL BE JUDGED BY GOD! Believe that! Remember THIS MAN, and repent!!

* On a nicer note... :-) There are MANY FINE, UPRIGHT PASTORS out there, who take their calling seriously... who are not just building "their own kingdom"... and who are not so proud as to think they cannot be removed with the quickness by God.

* You might have noticed on my header that it now reads ""... no more typing in the long "blogspot" in the address (for those of you who never saved it in your "favorites").

* Can't wait for Sunday at Mosaic... we're doing something a little different, and I can't wait to pull it out! ;-)

* Ok... off to bed... or, at least, off to GET READY for bed! Game's still on! ;-)


Bobby said...

I agree with you on being tired of controlling pastors. The church I attend was under a spritual bondage from the former pastors. That was about 2 years ago and since we have our new pastors we are free to live, free to give, and free to love the Lord! said...

Hey Darren, I'd love to hear your review of unChristian once you're done with it!

Darren Plummer: said...

Thanks, Nate... definitely will give a review! ;-)

brother4Him said...

Hey Darren,
I know we are going to get some good blogs when you get back. Also please don't listen to Hillsong on the way down or back. :) Have a safe trip.

We have been trapped also by a pastor for 16 yrs. This pastor also wrote the bylaws so that the board can't fire him. This is why the flock is slipping out the back door. I pray that God will open his eyes to what is going on around him and repent and turn back to listening to God.

Your brother in Christ,