Wednesday, October 24

Much Prayer

The fires continue to burn in Southern California... it's a very sad and dangerous situation. Yesterday, I received an email from a friend at Outreach Marketing with an urgent request to pray about the situation. Almost immediately after I had sent out a mass email request, my friend Goodie emailed back just how bad it was: he had been trapped in San Diego for 2 days, and now the fires had made their way to LA (where he lives).

Please be in much prayer for the residents there! Our God is mighty, He's strong enough to quench the fires... let's flood His throne with urgent appeals for Him to act today! And pray for the well-being of the people... homes are lost, families are displaced... it is very tragic indeed. But God is the God of tomorrow, as well as today! He alone can bring hope to the hopeless, and healing to the hurting... and give out brand new tomorrows!

"Father, only You know why You've allowed the fires to spread as they have... and only You have the power to bring it to an immediate end. Show Yourself strong, and act on behalf of your people... show mercy to those who don't know You, so that they may have another day to come to You. Touch the hearts of Your people there, and give them wisdom to know what to do. Move them with a heart of compassion to show tangible expressions of Your love and grace. May there be many who put their faith in You as a result of all this... only You can do that. What a wonderful and awesome God You are!!"

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