Sunday, September 16

Sunday Night Speak!

* Great night tonight! We started our new series, ALL IN... the message was "Living An All-In Life." Great start to the series... can't wait 'til next week! Today was about getting across the idea that God wants us to live "all in", with no reservations... with reckless abandon... and passionate pursuit! He wants HIMSELF ELEVATED... and OURSELVES EMPTIED! Don't know 'bout you, but D'Plum's ALL IN... ain't holding nothing back. ;-)

* I saw that Gary Lamb is also doing an "All In" message series... guess it's true that "great minds think alike!"

* We had a family come all the way to visit us from Sykesville, MD... which is out near Baltimore somewhere (I think). The wife visited Mosaic in L.A. recently, fell in love with it, and found out we're part of the Mosaic Alliance... so they made the long trek tonight to come check us out! PRES-SURE!! :-) She said it was worth the trip, so hopefully they'll be back for a return visit!

* Still can't believe I get to do this! It's been almost 5 months (shut up, old timers), and I'm loving it!

* Looking forward to seeing my friends Dave Anderson and Jim Henry at Innovate next week!

* Brian forgot some lyrics tonight... lol! But even when he messes up, he's still a bad boy!

* Cowboys beat the Dolphins 37-20 today... 2-0! Off to a good start! :-) Now, we just need Philly to get past the 'Skins tomorrow night!

2 comments: said...

Go Cowboys! Still America's team!

Jim Henry said...

All in on my end too...not sure about my "hawks, but I'm all in :)

Can't wait for INNOVATE! We keep adding to our list...we've got 8 coming so far (including 3 out of 4 Pastors) LOVE IT!