Sunday, August 19

Sunday Nite Speak!!

* I am SO TIRED, it's crazy! After we returned from Ocean City, I had to drive out to Colonial Heights, VA for a conference on Fri-Sat, where my man Ju and I were participating together in a SBCV conference. I have toothpicks holding open my eyes as I type this...

* I was sick all day, but still managed to lead worship/speak this morning at SoulPurpose Church, then return to Mosaic this evening to speak. Whew! The grace and strength of God... that's all I can say!

* Another good service tonight... attendance dropped again, but THAT'S OKAY! God had who He wanted there, and we had a great time!

* We got started almost 20 minutes late this evening... NOT GOOD!! We most definitely have to fix whatever was rockin' THAT horse!

* Tomorrow is the first day of the new school year for Darren and Shawn. Kinda bittersweet... ready for them to get the heck out of here (haha!)... but August went so fast. I really wish they had more time to ride out the summer... Next year, Seth will be in Kindergarten... WHOA!!

* During the panel discussion on multicultural ministry that Jumaine and I helped facilitate, one of the pastors told us that 5 years ago he was fired from his church in Alabama... for trying to pave the way for African-Americans to attend the church!! WHA????? That is crazy. Amazing that this is the 21st century, and we still have to deal with that kind of ignorance.

* In direct contrast to the church in the previous bullet, SoulPurpose Church is a predominantly-White church, but I felt much love and appreciation from my brothers/sisters there. Keep up the great work, Pastor Matt!!!

* Okay, tonight's message was No Reservations: Following Fully... we're 3/4 of the way through God On Film! Next week: The Bourne Ultimatum... still trying to decide which way to take it... but we're gonna have a lotta fun with it! ;-)

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rodriguez_sarah said...

Hi Darren-
I was working in the nursery on Sunday, so didn't get to see you or hear your message at Soul Purpose Church. However, so many people wanted the link to your blog, I figure it must have been great!!!

I just wanted to say that the predominately white congregation at SPC is not by choice!!! We'll be thrilled when God sends us a more diverse group, and will welcome everyone with open arms and hearts.