Tuesday, August 14

Still Hanging' with the Fam!

We got through the zoo yesterday... didn't kill us! Haha! But we did have one, murderous, breath-taking hill towards the end of our visit. Whew! That was a rough one... We didn't see the pandas, but we did see a lion and 5 tigers (that was a first!) We also saw a baby meerkat... you know what a meerkat is, right? Of Timon fame... from The Lion King... acuna matata??

Today, we went to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. That was TOO cool! The kids really liked all the planes, battleships, rockets, and such... Well, actually, Seth... our 4 year old... didn't seem to be too impressed. He was happier at McDonald's... :-)

Tomorrow, we head to Ocean City for two days... it's one of our favorite places to go... and I can use the rest and relaxation!


Jim Henry said...

Glad you could get away for a while too Darren. It's amazing how God can use a little change of scenery to re-ignite His people!

nathanhyde.com said...

Last time my wife and I went to the zoo, we realized we need a new strategy. So next time, we're going to start at the BOTTOM of the hill and work our way up. Should help with the leg burning!