Tuesday, August 14


This Friday and Saturday, I have to be at a conference in Colonial Heights, VA with our state convention… then leading worship/speaking at Soul Purpose Church on Sunday morning… and, of course, back home to speak at Mosaic that evening.

Speaking of which, don’t forget about the third installment this Sunday evening in our God On Film message series! You really don’t want to miss out on Sunday’s message, No Reservations. If you have never really understood what it means to follow Jesus… YOU WANT TO BE AT MOSAIC ON SUNDAY EVENING! If you’re a Christ-follower, and your passion for Jesus is burning low, YOU WANT TO BE AT MOSAIC ON SUNDAY EVENING!

I believe that God has something to say to ALL of us this weekend… so, invite your friend, family, coworkers, mailman, the clerk at the grocery store where you shop… whoever you can bring on your arm that might need to hear this message! These are crucial times, and God wants to do something crucial THROUGH us… and bring about radical change in the lives of those connected to us!

But He has to first radically change us in order for that to happen. No Reservations… don’t miss it!

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