Tuesday, August 21

It's a Small World After All!

I've been finding out recently just how small our world really is...

A few weeks ago, I met a young lady at Starbucks, and gave her an invite card to Mosaic... when she saw it, she said, "Hey, I just heard about this church yesterday!" She's on staff with InterVarsity at the Univ. of Maryland, and had received some info about us from one of the Church-Planting Missionaries from our state convention. She and her husband came to Mosaic the following Sunday, and have been out every week since.

Small world!

Today, I received an email from Matt Gregory, who pastors SoulPurpose Church (where I was this past Sunday morning). He had received the email from one of his members about a church here in MD that is in need of guest musicians/worship leaders for a few weeks. Interestingly, I had already been already contacted by that church to help out, because I was part of their launch team 7 years ago!

Small world!

Then, I received another email from someone about the possibility of Mosaic partnering with an area parachurch ministry, and she mentioned that the youth leader of their church had recently left for California to do an internship with Mosaic L.A. I thought to myself, "Wait a minute... I know who she's talking about!!" See, I've been talking to a young guy who planned to do an internship at Mosaic, and wants to return home and - hopefully - work with us in planting a church in D.C.

Guess what? Yup! It's him!!

Small world!

It is simply amazing how God uses human connections to further His kingdom!

Oh... by the way... I just got out of a meeting with Cheryl, the IV person I mentioned earlier... and, yes, she and her husband are sticking around!!

Yay, God!

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tony sheng said...

some good friends - who came out of our student ministry - just graduated from College Park and worked with Cheryl on IV for a long time. she and her husband are the real deal.
cool stuff.