Wednesday, August 1

The Gospel According to Jameka, pt 2

I remember in college, one of my professors... in talking about how we study the Bible... was fond of saying, "Context, context, context... and the greatest of these... is context!" Last night, I posted about a statement made on Big Brother by one of the participants... and I want to be fair to her, because I didn't include the context of her conversation with her other housemate.

So, here's what happened: one of the housemates that was up for eviction (you have to watch the show to fully understand) had chosen Jameka to participate in the Power of Veto Competition. In this competition, whoever wins the POV can either veto one of the nominations for eviction... which means that person gets to stay in the house for at least another week... or keep the nominations the same. Jameka's belief is that everything happens for a reason, so goal was to win the POV and get Jen (who chose her to play) off the eviction block.

Jameka did win the POV, and refused to budge from her original stance of taking Jen off the block. During the competition, she passed on a trip to Jamaica... as well as $5,ooo cash. AND she was ridiculed for her commitment by some of her housemates.

All because she refused to go back on her word.

So, as she was talking with one of her housemates, she was explaining her position: yes, she could've been selfish and taken the money... but if she did that - thinking only of herself - she wouldn't have won the competition... and she would have let Jen down because she didn't keep her word. She said that she knows that God will take care of her, because she didn't just look out for herself... that selfish people get theirs in the end, because they didn't trust God to take care of them. And that was the context of her "God's like Gotti" statement... which is still a crazy word picture to me, but I can understand where she's coming from.

I have to give it to Jameka... she showed some serious character to pass on those luxuries. To Jameka, keeping her word meant everything... even if it was uncomfortable.

Hmmm... sounds like this passage (notice that last verse!!)

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