Sunday, July 8

Sunday Night Ramblings...

* Great service this evening! Still getting newcomers out... of our first 10 Sundays, we've only missed one Sunday of not having any visitors! That's an awesome thing! One of those newcomers works at CNN... and a coworker of his told him about "a guy used to work for CNN, but is now starting a church." He contacted me a while back, but was working the evening shift... he recently switched to days, and was able to make it out tonight. He said he enjoyed it and will definitely be back... awesome!

* We experienced our first media nightmare today! We couldn't get the projector to work, and then when we did, it kept freezing! So, no words for the songs, and no message notes! But it flowed relatively smoothly... could've been worse!

* One of my best friends, Shawn McBride who pastors New Life Community Church in Bowie, MD, dropped by our service tonight... always a pleasure to see him and his bride, Michelle! I was Shawn's Assistant Pastor when he launched New Life... he's an excellent preacher, but an even better friend!

* Received some terrible news tonight: a young guy named James, who used to be a member at New Life, died on early Saturday morning... totally unexpected (heart attack). HUGE loss... the guy couldn't have been any older than 35. I always hate these kind of stories...

* The three little plums returned tonight... my boys were chillin' with Keda's parents overnight. What an awesome thing to not hear any voices of tiny people before 7am! Now, while Keda is reading this, I'm sure she's also laughing because I never hear them before 7am! Haha!

* My three guys got to see Ratatouille before me... rats!

* Keda's telling me about the people who are griping about the new iPhone! Man, there was NO WAY I was paying $500 for a phone. I'll wait 'til those jokers drop in price a WHOLE lot! So, all you early adopters: be sure to test the product thoroughly... let us know all the kinks and bugs... and by the time Apple gets the phone top-notch, us cheapos will be ready to take the plunge!

* Got a crew coming up from a church in Alabama to meet with me on Tuesday and Wednesday... they've got a thriving College ministry and are looking to partner with us to reach the students at University of Maryland. That's going to be awesome beyond belief!! I've had several conversations with Ben Pilgreen, who is the College Pastor there... and they are so freakin' excited it doesn't make sense! So, those who are reading this, pray for clear communication for us on Tues/Wed and for the Lord to make it very clear to all involved as to what this should look like!

* I finished up our Summer Lovin' series tonight, and I'll be casting vision for the next couple of Sundays! SO AMPED ABOUT THAT!!! This will be our first "Invest and Invite" series... much needed for us at this time, and looking forward to it big time!

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