Monday, June 4

We Run Our Mouths Too Much!

Steven had a great post today... and it convicted me BIG TIME!!!

Although I don't spend a lot of time criticizing Joel Osteen, I know there have been times when I've been guilty of being over critical of him, as well as of other preachers with whom I might not totally agree theologically or philosophically. But the truth of the matter, as Steven pointed out, is that we're on the same team! We wear the same jerseys, have the same coach... when I score, you score (if you're part of the Body of Christ). That's just the way it is. And we forget that we have more in common than we give ourselves credit for... see this.

Yet, too often, we run our mouths about ministries and preachers that may not cross their theological "T's" or dot their methodological "I's" the same way we do! Not only do we talk about them, but we tend to run their names into the ground. And, believe me, unbelievers see it... and hear it... and they take note: "Glad I'm not one of them."

Thanks, Steven, for reminding us to use our mouths for praise and not to promote ourselves at the expense of others.

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