Wednesday, June 13

peppermint-filled pinatas!

Okay... GREAT BOOK!!! My friend Eric Bryant hit it out the park with this! Personally, it was right on time for me... and, practically, he nailed it: you cannot read this book and come away without understanding the importance of "loving your neighbor"... a must-read for all Christ-followers!

(For those who aren't familiar with Eric, he's one of the pastors... his official title is "Navigator"... at Mosaic Church in L.A.)

The book is an easy read... it's humorous, engaging, and - most of all - convicting. If you read it with a heart to learn, you will definitely come away assessing your own commitment to seeing people the way Jesus did (does), and have a greater desire to - not simply tolerate those who are different from us - but love them and serve them in the midst of relationship.

And if the book title doesn't grip you, check out some of these chapter titles:

  • "The Art of Woo"
  • "White Men Can Jump (Just Not As High)"
  • "Lots of Sex in the City"

Again... great book... a must-read... be prepared to be both CHALLENGED and CHANGED!!

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John said...

Looking forward to checking Eric's book out