Thursday, May 24

Wow... Wow... Wow...

That's about all I can say for now... the South Haven experience has left me totally speechless... we only received a ton of wisdom from Bill Hybels and Henry Cloud, so that's understandable, right?

Bill is MOST DEFINITELY the sharpest leader I've ever been around... hands down... bar NONE. And Henry's an incredible psychologist... he asks really penetrating questions that lead a person to understanding some powerful insights... both from the Word as well as their life. His biblical wisdom is phenomenal... I can't wait to get more of his books!

There's simply TOO much to upload right now... and I've got to get ready for Sunday! ;-) But I promise to be back and mind dump on Monday, after I've had a few days to process all my pages of notes!

But, believe me... it was an incredible experience.


rindy said...

Glad it went well! Process it all and take a breath!! Prayers for this weekend!

Don Record said...

Awesome! Looking forward to hearing about it!