Tuesday, May 22

Tomorrow... It's Only a Day Away!

Well, in about 6 1/2 hours I'll be headed to South Haven, MI to chill with Bill Hybels and Henry Cloud. I'm totally blown away at this privilege... and just in case some of you don't understand, let me peep you as to why this is huge for me:

Around September 1994, I came across a book entitled Rediscovering Church by Bill and his wife Lynne. It really rocked my world... I had NEVER heard of church done in a way that "made sense" to those who are considered "outsiders." By using drama, video, contemporary music, and relevant sermons, Bill's church Willowcreek Community Church was reaching unchurched people (whom they termed "seekers") by the thousands!

Now, I know you're saying, "Well, what's so special about what they were doing? Churches do that all the time!!"

And see... that's just it! Churches do it ALL THE TIME, because they learned it from Willow!! Willow set the bar... Willow produced the model... Willow was the forerunner for almost all of the contemporary "seeker" churches that you see or hear about today! What Rick Warren did for purpose-driven, Bill Hybels did for seeker ministries.

But more than his methods, it was the man... it was HIM... his vision and leadership that had more influence on me than any other person's.

Humanly speaking, if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be planting Mosaic today... and I'm honored beyond words that I get a chance to hang out with him.

So, just pray that I don't get speechless and make a fool of myself! ;-)

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