Wednesday, May 9

I'm Going Batty!!!!

Okay... this is no fun! I hear bats flying outside of our living room window, for the second night in a row! The only good thing about them is that they devour bugs, which I don't like. But I'm not gonna lie... those jokers scare me, man! They're too fast, they can't see... which, to me, isn't a good combination. It's like putting Stevie Wonder behind a steering wheel... there's nothing good that can come from that scenario!!!!

No late-night summer walks for this kid, no sirree Bob! Have I ever told you the story of my run-in with bats in Atlanta?

Well, just make sure you get the real story from me... not Keda! :-)

1 comment:

rindy said...

The bats are long as they don't set up somewhere in your house! Every night at dusk they come out here...but then found the nest in a little crack between my house and garage...yuk!!!! (and expensive!!)