Friday, April 20

Sayonara Sanjaya!

Okay... I wasn't gonna do it... I hadn't planned to post anything about Sanjaya's exit...

But I saw this picture... and I couldn't resist.

Actually, I want to give a hats off to him... BIG UPS to the guy... because he made it further than ANYONE would've ever expected! Now, it would've gotten a little crazy had he made it past Wednesday, because that means people like Melinda, Blake, Jordin, and LaKisha might have gotten the boot!

And then... D-Plum would've had to reevaluate his ties to Idol.

So... all's well that ends well!

I tell you what would've been the bomb, though... Sanjaya should have sung that song from "Evita" for his exit! Now, THAT would've been sharp!

"Don't cry for me, Argentina..." ;-)

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