Monday, March 5


Ok... so it's, like, REALLY windy here today! So much so, there's a WIND ADVISORY in effect until 11pm tonight!


A little while ago, I opened up the passenger door of our minivan, and about TWENTY MOSAIC IMPACT CARDS flew out the door!!! I was like, "WHOOOOAAAA!!! Come back here!" I tried to catch them, but those little jokers were moving pretty fast, carried by that wind!...I stopped chasing them once I realized how foolish I probably looked... and sounded! Everytime I got close to one of the cards and went to grab it, the wind would just whoosh by and carry it away again! I had my Homer Simpson voice going ("DOH!") at that point. SO.... pray that whomever received an "impact card from heaven" would be moved by the Spirit to check Mosaic out! ;-)

Because... I figure... it had to happen for a reason...

Romans 8:28


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Emily said...

So funny. I LOVE that lady liberty pic. One day it was so windy here, my mail blew out of my bag. I HAD to go after it b/c our paycheck stub was in there. Gotta hate that.