Wednesday, March 21

Spurred On

I just came out of a meeting with my Worship Arts guy, Brian, and I'm feeling AMPED!!!! It's a wonderful thing to have really creative people with you in a church plant... and I'm blessed to have people like Brian and others who hold my feet to the vision!

See, coming out of churches that were more inward (believer-focused), sometimes it's easy for me to fall back into a "default" pattern... and start listening to people who are used to those types of environments... CAN'T DO IT!!!! Because, the truth is... inward-focused people won't understand the vision of Mosaic!!!!! You can't be inward-focused and function as a missionary at the same time...

So, I'm determined to live as a missionary... no matter how that makes me look in the eyes of the religious establishment... and, at Mosaic, that means making the Gospel plain to the culture we're in... in the most effective way possible!

Now, we're going to preach Jesus...

We're not going to cut corners...

But we're going to be creative and relevant... sometimes entertaining... always biblical.

And we'll make no apologies for it... Jesus will be exalted, unbelievers will be reached, believers will be strengthened in their walks... and all will be right at Mosaic!

I needed that impromptu meeting with Brian today... I'm spurred on to continue cranking out this vision to be the church that God had called us to be! College Park... here we come!

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