Sunday, March 25

Mosaic Connection BLAST!!

Aw, man... we had a blast tonight! 5 unchurched people showed up for our Mosaic Connection! Now, that may not sound like alot, but - if they get connected - multiply that times the number of people they will influence... and you've got a whole load of people! And they totally fit the demographic we're trying to reach: late teens/early 20's (we're shooting for 18-40)... multiracial... unchurched.

We did Dave & Buster's and Friday's... loved it! And the questions and comments that were flowing were just off the chain! Things like:

"So, how do you know your religion is the right one?"

"Some Christians judge me because I have tattoos!"

"I've always been afraid of going to church, because I know that... if I start going... I can't keep doing some of the stuff I'm doing now."

"One thing that scares me about some Christians is that they don't seem to have anything else to talk about besides God!"

Aren't those awesome questions and observations? They talked... and they listened... intently. They listened to the Gospel, they asked questions... they didn't make any professions of faith... but they'll be out for our next service! They're seeking... and we've got what they're looking for! ;-)

So, pray for Nina, Gavin, Eric, Jackie, and Natasha. We'll be hooking up again soon... walking with them on this journey! Pray that we're able to deepen the connections made, and that they'll be influenced towards becoming radical Christ-followers!!


Nevi22 said...

That is AWESOME!

Mike Parker said...

I am definitely praying with you as we complete our journeys together!