Friday, December 29

Can't Get Enough of T.O.

Ok... I'm getting sick and tired of all this T.O. trash-talking, that's coming - believe it or not - mainly from Cowboys fans. Don't get me wrong... I'm a Terrell Owens supporter only because he plays for the Cowboys. He has too much baggage, runs his mouth too often, and drops WAY TOO MANY passes. But, I still wear his jersey proudly... because HE'S A COWBOY!!! Everybody wants to criticize him for the above-mentioned things (and more), yet no one wants to give him his just due: 80 catches, almost 1,100 yards, and he leads the entire league in TD receptions (12)!

Well, the truth of the matter is that I'd rather have T.O. than alot of other guys out there... at least he speaks his mind... and he cares about winning! It is totally unacceptable to him for the team to be playing like it is... and he's not afraid to say it, although everyone else feels the same way... and even knowing that the media will be quick to exploit him and make him out to be as treacherous as Adolf Hitler or Idi Amin. I agree with Nick Eatman, the journalist, who wrote,

"No one can say they weren't warned about this guy. The Cowboys, from the owner to the coaches and players, all knew what they were getting into. The fans knew what they were getting and even the media knew the baggage that comes along with this guy. He's a great player, yes. He's a piece of work, yes. With all the good, you have to put up with the mess that surrounds him. That's what we thought. That's what we've got."

But T.O. isn't the reason why Dallas has lost 2 of their last 3 games, he isn't the reason why there's only a slim chance of the 'Boys winning the NFC East title... at least, not by himself. He's had a part to play in it, just like the rest of his teammates.

He may be crazy... but he's part of the reason the team has experienced the success it has this year.

Let's keep this a TEAM thing... and not make it out to be a T.O. thing.

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