Saturday, November 4

UnLearning Some Things

Today a group of us from Mosaic, as well as a couple of guys from Aletheia Church... Dave and Sam... went out to do some evangelism in College Park for a couple of hours... and it was awesome! We knocked on about 35-40 doors, and talked to several people about Christ... and one young lady gave her life to Jesus! Is that awesome or what??

Now, I'll be the first to tell you... I've never really been into the whole "door knocking" deal... just didn't like it. I would've told you it's an outdated method ("People don't like talking to salesmen at their doors, much less religious people!"), it doesn't work as well as other methods ("My style is the Relational Evangelism method!")... But Dave (who pastors Aletheia Church) is a monster evangelist, and that's all he and his people do - day in and day out - leaders, new believers, the whole lot of 'em... they knock on doors in the community, and talk to people on the street and on campus (Aletheia actually has two locations - one near James Madison Univ. and another near Virginia Commonwealth Univ.) - and they have seen hundreds of people over the last few years give their lives to Christ!! Well, I'm unlearning that God uses a particular method... what He's really concerned about is that the messenger is committed to and passionate about the message... and uses whatever method God has for him/her at that time. So, I figured, the same God who loves Dave and has been blessing his ministry also loves me and the crew at Mosaic... so let's give this "door knocking thing" a whirl!!

Well, a whirl it was!!! It was incredible just breaking beyond the fear, and talking to people (mostly letting them talk about themselves and where they are on their spiritual journey) and getting the opportunity to share the good news of the Jesus with them! We were even able to help practically: one lady we met, who struggles with diabetes, asked us to pray for her health - she gets ferocious headaches because of the diabetes, which makes it very difficult for her to go out in the bright sun. So, we went and picked up sunglasses for her, so she could enjoy the beautiful sunlight that God created!!! (thanks for that awesome suggestion, Linda!!)

So, I - for one - can't wait to get back out there... because there are countless people that God has waiting to hear the good news of salvation through Jesus... and He's ordained it so that our lives would intersect today, and their tomorrow would be forever altered!!!

Pastor D

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