Friday, November 10

Still Learning...

Actually, "Still Learning" will be our theme for eternity... nevertheless, it still hits hard while we're here on earth. This past Tuesday evening, at our Bible study, we had three visitors - which is an awesome thing! But we weren't prepared... we were running late, didn't have any music on to create a warm environment, we ended up not having any "worship time" before the study began... we simply were not on our P' & Q's!

But, yet and still, the learning experience was awesome, because there were some things we found at that we wouldn't have any other way: for example, we ended up pushing our "food fellowship" to the end of the study... and it worked! So, now - because of a little disorganization on our part - things on Tuesdays will run a tad smoother! Yay, God!!

We also learned that we must EXPECT VISITORS! Even if we go a few weeks without seeing even one... we need to stay in the frame of mind that visitors can pop up anytime! God can do it, and we should believe Him for it!

These were love lessons from God... it's awesome how God shares with us! His love is limitless! He wants the best for us, and goes out of His way to make sure we get it! What an amazing God!

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