Wednesday, August 16


Today, I spent my entire morning waiting for our van to be serviced. While I was sitting there in the waiting room - reading my Bible and writing out some verses - an older, white gentleman peeked his head around the corner and said, "I think I see a Christian! I think I see a Christian!!" I know, I know... I laughed, too. But he was really sincere, and passionate about his commitment to Christ. Jeff (that's his name) and I spent the next several minutes enjoying some real good fellowship, too! I told him about Mosaic, and he got crazy excited about that! He told me that he has a friend from his church - a Latino guy - who does some outreach stuff in College Park, and that he'd get us connected... awesome! He prayed for me right there in the waiting room... and he must have hugged me about 7-8 times! Before he left, I quickly stuck my hand out... and said in vintage Soup Nazi fashion, "No hug for you!!" Just kidding. But it was great... the Lord knew, after still dealing with this whole Eazy situation, that I really needed some encouragement... and Jeff definitely provided that (with some hugs to boot).

Well, the fam and I are spending tomorrow at the beach... THANK YOU, JESUS!! I've had some much-needed time off this week, and it's been fun hanging out with the ones I love most! So, I'll return to blogging all refreshed and well-rested! And I still have to update everybody on the Leadership Conference from last week!

Peace and love!

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Mike Parker said...

Darren...Have a great time at the beach. Rest in Christ. He alone is our Peace.

Your Brother always,
Mike P.