Sunday, June 4

New Beginnings

I had the wonderful privilege of speaking at the 10th Anniversary of New Beginnings Community Church in Bowie, MD - pastored by my good friend, Michael Hall. When I first met Michael back in 1990, he and I were both newly-committed believers who were just getting excited about the Word and all that God was doing in our lives. He's quite a bit older than I am (shhh!), but we're really kindred spirits. The anniversary celebration went really well, and I was thankful for such an awesome privilege to honor with them all that God has done over the last 10 years.

On New Beginnings... the name is really what we're to be about as believers, isn't it? Our calling as leaders is to provide as many opportunities as possible for men, women, boys, and girls to experience a new beginning with Jesus. I spoke on Mark 1:17 from the title, "Real Discipleship" and it really resonated with the believers there. Part of what led me to that passage was the fact that I was just reminded last week of the essence of discipleship, when a young bro told me that his church's method of discipleship was "classroom-based". And it really grieved my heart because he was basically screaming out for someone to pour into him and disciple him via relationship! And that's what Jesus did when He called His disciples: He said, "Come, follow ME..." Not a system of rules; not a set of regulations; but He gave them (and gives us, as well) an invitation to intimacy. Classes are good (and often necessary), but they are never to take the place of making disciples through relationships. Master LIfe and Survival Kit and things of that sort have their place, but without relationship - outside of the classroom... life-on-life - it can simply lead to more information... and less transformation.

And, I might be a little off here, but... hasn't the world seen enough of that already??

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