Thursday, June 8


My wife, Marquita, and I are in the Atlanta area for a couple of days... man, it sure is hot! We haven't been here for about 4 years... we forgot how hot it gets! When we lived here ('97-'00), we got used to it pretty much... but this is crazy! And the gas prices are only a few cents less than the DC area! We were thinking they'd be much less... when we moved here in '97, you could get 87 gas for $0.79/gallon (can I get an "Amen!" somebody??) And the gas back home in Maryland was running about $1.09 for 87... those were "the days!"

Gas prices are killing us! I have a great friend here in the Atlanta area, but he lives almost an hour away from the hotel we're staying in... I want to see him, but that's at least 90 minutes worth of gas that's $1.90/gallon... I mean, can YOU do the math?! We've already spent $120 filling the gas tank just in driving down here! Geez! Ok, enough about gas and money... pray for our safety on the return trip...

On a much nicer note, it's great to be chillin' with Keda by ourselves! Although she dogged me on the trip down here (she slept for the first 8 hours in the back of the van... while hubby was pulling all the driving), I'm not holding it over her head and we're having a great time! :-)

I have a confession: I crossed the Georgia state line exactly 8 hours after we left MD... so, basically, either - like Ezra - the "good hand of the Lord" was upon me... or just the long arm of the law hadn't reached me!! :-) What a trip! And I forgot how really nice some of the areas are here... makes me miss it (just a tad). I asked Keda if she could see us coming back here to do ministry sometime down the road... she said, "Not on your life." Why's it have to be my life?? Atlanta really is nice, though...

But, boy is it hot!!!!!!

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