Tuesday, August 11


Okay... So, today I posted a "tweet" (from Twitter, for those who still don't get it, lol) asking folk to join me in reading Philippians everyday for the rest of this month. I did anticipate a big response... and I'm excited to see people from Charlotte, Chicago, Los Angeles, the Eastern Shore of MD, (of course), Virginia, and the DC area (of course) all getting pumped up to faithfully read God's Word! I believe - in some not too small way - all of our worlds will be rocked. You watch and see. ;-)

So, why Philippians... and why now? Well (for those who haven't followed my blog), I've been going through a "personal wilderness" of sorts... and have really been down in the dumps for much of the last few months. But I just finally said to myself, "Self (for real, that's what I said!), this is crazy. Just because you're going through doesn't mean that God is through with you... GET UP, and face God!" Well, I'm from Takoma Park and I don't know all there is to know... but I do know that you can't face Him without getting in His Word. So, I decided to do just that... but not just do it - but JUMP INTO it! Then I thought, "Hey, maybe others would like to journey with me on this!" So, I put it out there on Twitter & Facebook... and, wouldn't you know it, people began to respond... BIG time!

So, here's what we're doing: we're reading through the ENTIRE BOOK OF PHILIPPIANS every day... there are only 4 chaps, so don't complain... it should take you all of 15-20 mins to do. Keep a little notepad of what God is saying to you... then, on FRIDAYS, post ONE SIMPLE THOUGHT that the Spirit has used to impact your life that week. Put it in your status, and let folk comment to death on it. Invite others to do the same, and then go comment on their pages. If you blog, post a short devotional or something (send me your blog address and I'll get it out there, too!). The point is for the Word to become a contagion in our lives, as we get others interested in reading - and living out - God's Word.

Hey, look... I'm pretty much still in my wilderness, but I'm not letting that stop me. I've been going through... but I'LL BE COMING OUT. And when I do... my guns will be blazing, and my heart will be strong.


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Carol said...

PD, your posts and your heart are always so encouraging to me!
Jesus is with us always. :) He never lets go!