Monday, July 27

BOOK REVIEW: Dying Declaration

Okay... so, this is my first real post in quite awhile, and I'm constantly thinking about direction. I figured, rather than force this blog in a particular direction... with a particular theme... I'd just let it take it's own shape after awhile.

Well, I thought that it'd be good to just get back into the flow of things by writing about something I am always doing... which is reading. Some of you who've been faithful have read many of my book reviews, and have commented rather encouragingly, so we'll stay in this vein for a bit. I'll review all kinds of stuff: fiction (which I absolutely love), practical living stuff (which I absolutely NEED), theology, apologetics, current issues... anything I'm reading, I'll write about.

So, hear we go... first off, I just finished reading Dying Declaration by Randy Singer. Let me tell you... this is a first-rate fiction!! Singer wears a "trinity" hat of Pastor, Author, and Lawyer... and his writing is top-notch stuff. Declaration is about a very "religious" couple whose youngest son has become gravely ill. Yet they hold off taking him in for medical help, because they are praying "in faith" that God will heal their little boy. At the last minute, they finally take him in but the boy dies... and the couple is charged with negligent homicide. The story has several twists and turns, and - for a 400+ page book - pretty much will keep your interest throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Declaration... so much so, that I decided to pick up another Singer book (review coming soon).

One of the things that immediately grabbed me about the book is that the principal character is an African-American lawyer. No, this isn't a race thing! But, being black, it can be rather disheartening to read Christian fiction books, and NEVER come across a minority character who plays a prominent role in the book. Now, although Singer can get just a tad stereotypical, with some of the urban slang, he nonetheless (in my opinion) does a good job of "representin'". ;-)

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a huge Ted Dekker fan... but I would have to put Singer right alongside of Dek! TOTALLY DIFFERENT style of writing (more Clancy/Grisham-ish), but he takes no backseat to any of our top-flight Christian fiction writers.

Dying Declaration... get it, enjoy it, and post your thoughts! ;-)

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