Sunday, March 29

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Great night tonight at the Gathering!
* Saw a bunch of new faces in the crowd... YAY, God!
* We had a "miniband" tonight: guitar, bass, drums, vocals... but we rocked it (or so I was told)! God is amazing!! Robert, Jose, and Brandy... you guys KICKED it tonight! I appreciate so much working with you... you make my job alot easier (prob'ly b/c I make yours so much harder, lol)! Love you guys...

* Worship Set:
- Here is Our King (Crowder)
- Run (Hillsong)
- Everything Glorious (Crowder)
- Enough (Tomlin)
- Amazed (Brewster)

* Hey, this coming Sunday... tell all your friends... we're having a special praise, prayer & celebration service. There wll be MUSIC... we will WORSHIP... we will PRAY... we have hear what God is doing in the lives of others... and we will CELEBRATE! We have a GREAT KING who is worthy of our praise and adoration... and we're gonna do that like we've lost our minds! :-)
* If that last entry "scared" some of you... don't be alarmed, but answer this question: why is it that we can get loud and crazy at a sporting event, but we SIT QUIETLY on Jesus? I don't know, I'm just wondering!! ;-)
* Well, EXTREME is now over... finished the series tonight, with Extreme Satisfaction... from John 7:37-39. AWESOME TIME!!
* Even when we allow our souls to become dry and parched, the Fountain of Living Water makes Himself available to us... without price... and we can drink to the FULL!! That's just too freakin' awesome for words...
* Breakfast bar metro outreach... people are getting excited about it... got another email from someone wanting to get involved! YAAY, GOD!
* Almost teared up when Dennis Rodman got the axe on Celebrity Apprentice... Christ came to redeem men and women like Dennis, and the Church should be passionate about reaching them! The question is, "Are we??"

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