Sunday, February 1

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Good nite, tonight... first official weekend without Chuy and Karla... felt WEIRD! But so happy for those two... they'll do well in VA Beach!
* Thought the worship was okay... as much as love leading, don't know how long I can do double duty... PRAY FOR ME!
* I LOVE my musicians, though! William, glad to have you back bangin' tonight, man! ;-)
* Thought the message was on point... Let the Bible Change Your Life! Funny how the simplest messages can have the biggest impact!
* Many times, God speaks to us from His Word... not just to change us, but to change others though us! D on't hold onto it! Let Him influence people through your life change!
* One of the MD football players was out tonight... love it!!
* Man, we had some glitches tonight! But guess what? We get another shot next week!! (gotta get those transitions clean, though)
* Watched the Super Bowl... what a game!!!!! Looks like the Steelers just pulled it off... wow.
* Right now, I am ROTFL at The Office... that show is hysterical!
* What does Dwight on that show remind you of? Haha!
* I love our church... and not just because I get to pastor it! We've really got a great group of people, who love their church and love seeing it grow. As a pastor, you've gotta love that!
* We had a family leave the church recently (good family, though), because of our emphasis on being outward... specifically, inviting people to church... and I think that's a GREAT THING! Not that they've left, of course; but that they get it. They know beyond the shadow of a doubt what our mission is... it's crystal clear. They don't mesh with it... and feel the need to move on... but it's crystal clear. If your mission isn't clear, you may add people to your ministry, but they won't even know what to be excited about... GET CLARITY!
* Okay, now The Office is grossin' me out... Jack Black and Cloris Leachman...ugh.
* Our Connection Groups start this week... AMPED!!
* Three totally new groups... and one group, Starting Point, is the first group for new believers we've had!
* One of our newest attenders came and asked me why we didn't do Communion today... I thought it was cool that she even noticed!
* Btw, Communion has been pushed to next week. :-)
* Should find out this week whether or not this new elementary school in College Park will let us use their facility on Sunday mornings... PRAY!!!
* Gonna be a busy week this week...
* I speak this coming Saturday at a Worship Music Institute called CanZion... the environment should be off the chizzain!! Before I was called to preach, I thought I would be training worship leaders... so I am absolutely looking forward to this!
* God is absolutely amazing... I love what I do! :-)

3 comments: said...

Wow, man--sounds like a ton of great stuff is happening there! I especially like your thoughts about clarity and mission. Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

Pastor D, I really really enjoyed the message tonight - sometimes I definitely get a little complacent in my quiet times, thank you for the awesome reminder.

Terrace Crawford said...

That was a funny "Office" episode though. Great mind dump bro.

--Terrace Crawford