Wednesday, February 18

American Idol '09!

So, Idol's back... and so far, so good (for the most part). Still some shocking calls, but hey... this is reality TV, so...

But to this point... Danny Gokey is my favorite to win! Dude's got a GREAT voice, and owns every song! He's got some competition, but right now I think he's head and shoulders above the rest of the crew! Not only that... his story will wreck you!!

Danny's performance last night of Mariah Carey's Hero really rescued (pardon the pun) the event, as the previous 5 or 6 contestants had been busy stinking up the place.

[SIDEBAR: I think, by far, the absolute worst thing that one of the judges can say about a performance is that it is "irrelevant"!]

I know it's early... but so far Danny is the man!


Carletta said...

Hey PD,

I totally agree with you. When he announced that he was singing that song, I was a little worried for him but he totally nailed it. I hope that he makes the cut. I got at least four votes in for him....did you??? :-P

Kevin Davis said...

I can't imagine anyone else winning - and that Tatiana (sp?) chick - wow!!! Thankfully shes gone for now - bah!