Sunday, November 23

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Spoke to the Univ. of MD football team on Friday nite! THAT was an awesome experience! My son, Diesel, went with me... we got to eat dinner with the team at their hotel and sat with head coach Ralph Friedgen... then, after dinner and right before their team meeting, I got to address the entire team... about wisdom (one of my favorite topics). What an awesome thing, to have the rapt attention of 100 young men and to be a mouthpiece for GodI

* On Saturday nite, Diesel and I got to stand on the UMD sideline, as they played Florida St! Unfortunately, the nite didn't go so well for the team... they lost, 37-3... and it was COLD!! I don't think I've EVER stood outside that long in 20-something degree weather! I should've had on an extra pair or two of socks, a scarf, long johns... man, it was cold as a FUNKY out there! Diesel manned it up for awhile... but once the Seminoles scored at the beginning of the 4th quarter to make it 27-3, he was ready to go! Smart boy.:-)

* Had Margaret Feinberg with us tonight... INCREDIBLE!!!! Awesome message on the love of God, based on her book (or, at least, a portion of it) The Sacred Echo. Our people really loved her, and they resonated with her message. Much thanks to this guy for letting me "ride off his coattails" and having her at Mosaic after his church had brought her in to speak last nite and this morning... thanks, bro!! Margaret will definitely be back sometime to Mosaic... here are just a few tidbits from tonight:
- "God's voice reverberates clearly throughout the entire Bible... there's no static... no skip in the CD..."
- "The voice of God is not just an option, as much as it is an invitation and command."
- Margaret referred to Elijah vs. the Baal priests as an "Iron Chef moment"! They were each before their perspective BBQ, trying to find one another's "secret ingredient": FIRE!! After each side performed their ceremony... VOILA! Elijah is the IRON CHEF!! (that was hilarious!!)
- The sacred echo is the persistent voice of God in our lives that whispers, "I love you."
- We should not be content with being captivated by God's love, but saturated by it! And SO saturated, that it simply flows from us!

* Good crowd tonight! Great worship... Karla, our worship leader, asked me to lead the last song in the worship set. I was nervous as crappolas, man... but it was a good run-thru for next week, since I'm leading worship while Karla's out!

* Big ups to my bride, who always lovingly sacrifices her hubby to do ministry WAY MORE than she should. Thanks, babe... I really couldn't do what I do without you. ;-)

* Had a great Connection Group this morning! I love those guys...they're so humble and transparent. REALLY looking forward to doing life with them over the next several months! God's got His hand on each one of their lives... it'll be awesome to see how this next year unfolds!

* Perrin Rogers... SO GOOD to see you, man! Glad you came out... great time, wasn't it? ;-)

* The Cowboys rolled tonight... hope we're back! We've been playin' like a bunch o' crazeballs... good to see T.O. back, too! 7 catches, 213 yards... WHAT!!!!

* Looking forward to the holiday this week... don't think we're doing much, maybe hitting our fam's early in the afternoon... but I've gotta be back home to check out the 'Boys Annual Thanksgiving Day Game!! ;)


Bob Kellemen said...

Pastor Darren, Thanks for the great update. God is using you to rock the world, man!

Doc. K.

Kevin Davis said...

Thanks for the update - so jealous about the hearing Margret. What's up with the dog?

shawn elledge said...

I really enjoy hearing Margaret speak. Saw here this summer at 7|22 at Buckhead Church speak on her book The Organic God.

Oh, and Dplum... the temp that you had at the Maryland game was nothing compared to what I sat through at the VA Tech/Duke game on Sat. night!


K-Dog: Yes, it was an awesome night, bro... wish you were there! Read her book, if you haven't already. The dog - Margaret's. She does a "Pastor & Dog" blog, or something like that... hey, I was just cooperating!! LOL! ;-)

Dr. Kellemen: Amazing that we've never met in person before! I feel as though I already know you, from people like Frankie Wright, Xavier Bonilla, Shawn McBride... we'll have to make the acquaintance happen soon! ;-)

Eric Bryant said...

what a great weekend! Glad it went so well!

perrin said...

Darren, it was good to be there!!! Margaret said so many things that blessed me. Great time for sure!!! And thanks for the shout out on the blog.