Monday, November 17

Monday Random Thoughts...

* Really good gathering last night at Mosaic! Attendance was down a bit (Redskins' game??), but we had a good time. Great word from Dr. David Anderson tonight! God really used him to speak a strong message of grace to our people!

* The big idea of the message last night was that "God can take your garbage scraps and make them into a thing of beauty for His glory!" DA used the illustration of scraps/compost to make his point... great illustration... great message!

* Chuy, I saw you on the bass tonight... you versatile musician, you! ;-)

* I love those commercials!

* Are the Cowboys back?? Hope so! Glad I don't have to hear Redskins fans' mouths for awhile, lol!

* Have you seen Mark Beeson's thoughts on the new Prez? See... this is why I like this guy!

* Hoping to finish up this book today or tomorrow... pastors, church planters, leaders - a MUST READ! You might not totally agree... but you'll have to give his conclusions some consideration. ;-)

* Nelson Searcy says that every pastor shold be a theological expert on stewardship... I think I agree. I haven't studied more than the basics before, so I'm putting in my time now. Just finished this book by Andy Stanley, and I'm tellin' you... this is a MUST READ for - not only pastors/leaders - but for every single Christ-follower. Read it. Digest it. Live it.

* Sending prayers up for my man, Aaron Proffitt and his wife, Ashlee... love you, bro. Praying for you during this difficult time.

* Lovin' Jesus... so glad He never leaves His throne!!!

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