Wednesday, November 19

Congrats, Dusty!

You may never have heard of Boston Red Sox 2nd baseman, Dusty Pedroia, but he was voted the American League Most Valuable Player award yesterday. What's amazing is that he won the coveted award in only his second season in the major leagues! And what's more, he won the Rookie of the Year award last year!

This little 5'9", 180-pound dude is proving that you don't have to let any limitation - physical or otherwise - hold you back to from being successful in fulfilling your dream. I don't know whether or not Dusty is a Christ-follower... but when you give yourself over to fulfilling your God-given purpose, all of heaven gets behind you and "sees to it!"

Don't listen to the naysayers and "no" people! Surround yourself with people who are just as excited as you are about your purpose and dream... pray for the strength to pursue it... and get after it! Because all of heaven gets after it with you!!!

Is that exciting or what??

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Kevin Davis said...

Very cool.

Like the new profile pic too, the other was very 'side-profile.'