Wednesday, October 22

We'll Keep Crawling For Now...

I have to be honest - sometimes the "slow growth" of our church drives me crazy. In this day and age of "the faster, the better," I've been so conditioned to see meteoric growth as "successful" that anything less than that, for me, sometimes can be less than satisfactory.

But, in reality, most church plants grow slowly. The Elevations, Mars Hills, and New Hopes - who all grew to THOUSANDS in a very short period of time - aren't the norm. They're the exceptions to the rule (very good exceptions, though, they are). Most church plants don't grow that way... and some don't even make it.

Really, though... our growth has been somewhat (as compared to the above rockets) slow, but very steady. The excitement's high (always has been), friends are inviting friends, and we're seeing lives change. And we know we won't always be at a "crawl"...

... one day, we'll hit a major growth spurt and begin walking. But that's in God's time. Don't get me wrong, we're not content to crawl... but we know that it's ultimately God's responsibility to get us to the walking stage. And then, soon after that, we'll fly. For right now, though, if He says crawl... we'll keep crawling.

After all, you have to crawl well before you can walk. It's all a part of growing. While you're crawling, you're developing muscles, and coordination... and you're discovering new things.

So, if you're crawling right now, that's okay. Don't settle for that... keep pressing forward... do what you do well... keep developing... keep growing. You'll be walking soon enough.

And then, after that, you'll FLY. ;-)

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Jason Curlee said...

I hear ya....even though we had a quick start we are now learning to crawl...and I am one of those want it all now...just got to be patient.