Sunday, October 19

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Good attendance again!
* Good service, too... really enjoying the One Month to Live series! Tonight's message was on Loving Completely...
* Met with my connection group this morning for the first time... love groups! We've tripled the number of groups we have since the Spring/Summer... YAY, GOD!!
* We announced some bittersweet news tonight: our worship leader, Brian Jackson and his family will be moving on from Mosaic after next Sunday. Brian's been with us from our inception, and we hate to see him go... but God's will prevails. He will be truly missed, but we're confident that God will keep us moving forward!
* God always provides when we need it: Jesus and Karla Rodriguez will be stepping up to lead our worship ministry... they bring tons of experience with them (they've been running a worship music school for the last few years) and an incredible heart for worship! YAY, GOD!!
* Love to see leaders multiply themselves... Malcolm, it was good to see you sitting out in the congregation with your wife, dude! Big props on handing off ministry! ;-)
* One of my key dudes said tonight that he think's we'll break 100 by year's end... IT'S ENTIRELY POSSIBLE!! Keep investing and inviting, peeps! ;-)
* Spoke on humility and patience in relationships tonight... good stuf! More on that later! ;-)
* WHAT IN THE WORLD IS UP WITH THE COWBOYS????????? They're imploding fast. All Redskin fans are gloating. They need humility. :-)
* My Red Sox clawed their way back to Game 7 in the ALCS... only to lose. Ugh. Not a good day in sports for me.
* I have a feeling that things are getting ready to start poppin' off at Mosaic! Just have a feelin'... ;-)
* Ok... I am dead tired. More later. Cya.

The earlier version of this post said (about Brian's leaving Mosaic), "...we have to see him go," which was most definitely a misprint. ;-) I meant to write (and it's corrected now) that we HATE to see him go! ;-)

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Kevin Davis said...

The Cowboys, the Broncos - it's God's way of reminding us that it is a game and the He is God. Still makes me cry a little.